What is your favorite Carly Rae Jepsen lyric?



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jaxie's picture

Sometimes its hard to see anything lovely- Money and the Ego

I've been very cautious, trying numbness instead of pain. All your humour makes me, makes me nauseous. What a twisted, twisted, twisted game!- Sour Candy

Warren_JM's picture

"Break a bone got me on my knees you break my heart just to watch it bleed"

"Don't break me tonight this is crazy love and you know I'm gonna follow you home through the rain"

Cheyenne_Hunter's picture

"I'm not the type of girl for you

And I'm not going to pretend

That I'm the type of girl you call more than a friend

And I break all the rules for you

Break my heart and start again

I'm not the type of girl you call more than a friend"

                                          This is everything for me right now