What type of emotion do you feel when listening to Carly Rae Jepsen?



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richardaleddy's picture

I feel broke. "I threw a wish in a well. Don't ask! I'll never tell." Why would I put the few pennies I have in the well?  I need lunch! 

Otherwise, very happy, euphoric. It's been like this with a whole long list of songs to do with the members of the club. But, after a while, one starts analyzing the songs. There is this gap between the creation, the acapella, and the orchestration. One never expects world class performance. But, Miss Jepsen pulls that off.  Then, one wonders if it can be repeated. So, there are feelings with that happy, worried, puzzled. Can beauty induced spontaneity happen more than once? It has. But, is every subject able to induce that? What if some time is gone by? Kelly Clarkson got "Where did you come from? You're a different, different kind of fun."