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One Final Kiss

I love you, what more can I say

I’m not one to be standing in your way

A million stars paint the night sky

I wish you didn’t have to say goodbye

We shared a love that burned like a flame

I see no reason to lay blame

We walked hand in hand into the sunset

We made memories that I will never forget

We grew together and somehow grew apart

Once we shared a connection of the heart

These years how quickly they have passed

Always hoped our relationship was built to last

You say your freedom is what you truly desire

Your words are the water on the fire

I’ll surely miss you when you’re gone

I am no good at living alone

So many things I’m going to miss so much

Including the magic of your touch

Please turn away I’ve started to cry

Swore I I’d love you till the day I die

Your bags are packed with no regrets

It is clear you can’t forgive and forget

Faded rose petals lay on the floor

You’ve got your hand upon the door

If you must go spread your wings and fly

One final kiss and then we’ll say goodbye

Gary Edward Allen 2016